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What are the pimples under the skin and cystic acne?

When we speak of pimples under the skin very often we mean a form of acne among the most complex to be dealt with: cystic acne. Cystic acne is an advanced form of nodular acne that primarily affects boys and girls in adolescence.



But how do pimples under the skin form?

pimples under the skinCystic acne is formed mainly on the face, forehead, chin, arms, legs, shoulders and back for hormonal disorders when the sebaceous glands produce excessive amounts of sebum. The sebum, flowing into the hair follicle and finding no outlet, it accumulates more and more incorporating grease, dirt and bacteria. The problem is thus caused by the obstruction of the hair follicle that fails to excrete sebum, at this point the pimple under the skin thickens increasingly becoming giant and big and disfiguring the face or other affected areas.


And it is advisable to crush and squeeze the pimples under the skin?

Absolutely not, because you risk the problem of increasing the pimples under the skin and spread the infection over a wider area. Most of the time, when we hit a pimple under the skin, provide a permanent damage to our body, in fact, the crust and the pimple will remain for life. Are often not painful but in case where there is an infection.



how to get rid of pimples under the skin overnight, naturally and with home remedies?

cystic acne and pimples under the skinCystic acne is a real disease of adolescence due to hormonal disorders, but not only. Other factors affecting the evolution of the disease, as a dissolute life, drink a little water, a diet high in fat ( especially animal fat), smoking too many cigarettes, and so on.
The advice we can give to eliminate pimples under the skin, is to contact a dermatologist, who, after a careful examination you will make a diagnosis and prescribe you medications to permanently cure pimples under the skin. Usually the drugs "official" medicine used to combat cystic acne are: the administration of antibiotics and isotretinoin topically in mild forms, orally for those more serious.

Obviously, natural remedies grandma for severe cases of cystic acne are not really recommended, although in some individuals can lead to beneficial effects. We recommend not to pierce yourself pimple with a sterilized needle, although the doctor may occasionally do so to facilitate the discharge of sebum from the hair follicle. The literature offers a number of home remedies against pimples under the skin how to use the toothpaste, rub the garlic, wash with soap sulfur, use a cotton ball soaked in white vinegar, slather your face with a cortisone cream, etcetera. All methods which could lead to an improvement such as a worsening of the situation. It's for this reason that we recommend to ask for help first of all to a dermatologist or gynecologist for girls and why not ask for advice to a nutritionist for a healthy and balanced diet.