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Pimples on neck

The appearance of pimples and blackheads can be caused by several factors, including hormonal imbalances, poor nutrition, fatigue and stress. When the pimples are formed in particularly sensitive areas of the body such as the neck, earlobes and eyelids, you must be extremely careful and take extra precautions to avoid redness and infection.



Causes of pimples on neck

Acne, mild to moderate, generally occurs on the face, but 15 % of patients, predominantly male, accuses acne symptoms even on the neck. The appearance of comedones, papules and pustules on the neck is usually caused by a buildup of dead skin cells, bacteria and excess sebum in the pores of the epidermis.


How to remove pimples on neck

pimples on neckHow to get rid of pimples on neck: a proper and thorough cleansing in the morning and in the evening is the most simple, effective and appropriate to prevent the appearance of pimples and blackheads on the neck. For males, it is also useful to regularly shave hair and mustache in order to leave the pores clear and clean. The skin that covers the back of the neck is much thicker than the skin of the face and therefore responds well to the use of benzoyl peroxide, to be avoided in case of prolonged exposure to the sun. Benzoyl peroxide is effective in the treatment of acne on the neck, but it can leave stains on the skin.

In male subjects is also quite common the appearance of pimples in the areas of the neck that shave every day. Many subjects develop a form of acne that takes the name of acne keloidalis nuchal, which affects those portions of the skin that come into daily contact with the razor. In this case the pimples tend to form around the ingrown hairs. The immune system works to fight inflammation and skin seals the hair holding up a pink scar tissue. The daily cleaning is not enough to combat this type of acne on the neck. We therefore recommend the use of topical tretinoin to open the hair follicle so that the hair will come out. If this type of care does not have the desired effect within 4 or 5 days, we recommend you consult a doctor or other health professional to ask for a targeted treatment with antibiotics in case of infection.
It is essential to avoid crushing the pimple that appears around the ingrown hair on the neck, as it is likely to aggravate the situation, causing events much more problematic, such as cysts, nodules, abscesses.