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How to get rid of pimples on your legs


pimples on legsPimples are a blemish that affects not only the face, but in general the skin, and can occur in different parts of the body. Among the most common and annoying, there are pimples on legs (or buttocks) that can occur for various reasons and be of different intensity. Among the most common triggers are you the use of harsh soaps that irritate the skin, resulting in its appearance. The blemish, however, can also be linked to certain disorders of the skin such as hives and acne.



Pimples on legs after depilation

The hair removal is the main cause, and most common, the appearance of pimples on buttocks and legs. Waxing is an aggressive treatment that irritates the hair follicles and bulbs, leading to the formation of pimples and small reddish pimples. Generally pimples occur shortly after shaving and disappear within a few days. However, you should be careful not to use razor blades on just shaved skin to prevent bacteria from infecting the area on the blade.


Pimples on legs: home remedies and cures

There are several natural and home remedies and home to solve the problem. Prevention is better than cure, so make sure you keep your skin well hydrated, especially before waxing / shaving. Before you shave or epilate, exfoliated skin thoroughly to remove dead skin cells and also release ingrown hairs. Ideally, if you use the razor would shave in the shower, with moist skin and dilated pores well. Soap up thoroughly the area to be shaved before moving the blade, so that the skin becomes irritated and cuts. Be sure to moisturize your skin even after shaving, with an oil or a rich cream to keep it supple and soft and thus allow the hair to grow "making a hole". Wear comfortable clothes, and possibly non-adherent non-synthetic fabrics to allow the body proper transpiration (with consequent expulsion of toxins). To treat pimples on your legs there are two main methods.


To cure pimples once appeared, especially if they are very inflamed and sometimes painful, applied to the skin an ointment, and zinc sulfate poliximina B that will help the healing nature of the pimple. In case of ingrown hairs, however, the procedure is a bit more delicate. The ideal would be to contact your beautician, but in case you want to think for ourselves and be patient in a sterilized needle. Gently release the ingrown hair shaft and proceed with the removal.


Pimples on legs during pregnancy

The pimples on the legs are a pretty common problem during pregnancy and are caused by hormonal changes. As is known, the hormones play a vital role in the salutes of the skin (think of the appearance of pimples on the face associated with the monthly cycle) and during pregnancy undergo various fluctuations that lead to the appearance of pimples rather itchy. In this case the pimples disappear gradually recovered with the hormonal balance.