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Pimples on the chin


Pimples on chin are not just a beauty problem you want to delete and oppose at all costs, but they are a symptom of a physiological problem be cured with natural or home remedies and in severe cases even with medication.



Causes of Pimples on the chin

pimples on chinPimples on chin and face come to various factors that can change from person to person. Recall that pimples are formed from the skin of the chin, and more generally of the face because the hair follicles become clogged by excess sebum, dead skin cells, dirt. This is described the genesis of a pimple, genesis which is favored by factors that may be genetic, from having a very oily skin, from drugs, from intolerance to cosmetics, from strong anxiety and stress, an unbalanced diet and a hormonal imbalance that you may have in puberty or during the woman's menstrual cycle. As we well know, in fact, a few days before menstruation in some girls will notice an increase in the proliferation of pimples on the chin, face and neck. Normally finished the menstrual cycle the situation tends to normalize.



How to eliminate pimples on chin: how to get rid

There are several natural remedies to combat and eliminate the pimples on the chin. The key issue is not to squeeze them so you do not spread harmful bacteria, pus and dirt that could contaminate the chin over other areas of the face. For less severe cases, just follow some simple rules like not eating high-fat foods or difficult to digest, drink plenty of water, try to avoid stressful situations, always wash your hands before touching your face, do not squeeze the pimples and if it should ever do at least have the foresight to have clean hands and then wipe the area with a cotton ball soaked in disinfectant. If that's not enough then we can resort to natural remedies to eliminate pimples on chin.  The main methods to combat the pimple on the chin are described on this website. Surfing Brufoli.biz/en know all the tricks such as use of toothpaste, baking soda, white vinegar, lemon, ice, garlic, sulfur soap. For each product, please read the guide for the use and the procedure to follow for effective results.