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Pimples on buttocks

Pimples and boils on the buttocks are a problem that affects equally men and women, boys and girls. Let us look at the causes of pimples on buttocks and possible remedies.



Causes of pimples on ass

pimples on buttocksCauses of pimples on buttock can be many and diverve between them. Let's do a bit of clarity. First of all the kids in the age of puberty are generally the most affected  because this is the period of hormonal changes leading cause of the appearance of pimples on your butt, but especially in the face, chin, arms and back. Even adults are not exempt. Too tight pants that do not allow natural movement and the consequent rubbing of the skin as well as cause redness is due to the appearance of pimples in the backside. Obviously, as the majority of women, for fashion and practicality jeenses wearing very tight it is almost impossible to prevent this because unless you try to change habits.
In case it is difficult to give up clinging to clothing is very important to at least the hygiene and eliminate all types of dirt and sweat from the skin of the buttocks.
It is shown that the tick of pimples on my ass is in some way however also linked to a genetic factor. Other causes that can encourage the creation of pimples on the buttocks are stress and anxiety, a diet high in fat and fried foods are difficult to digest, some types of drugs, and for women the arrival of the menstrual cycle.



How to get rid of pimples on buttocks

First, apply a few simple rules: drink a lot, personal hygiene, do not eat high-fat foods like sweets and fried food, try to wear a dress is not too tight.
It is important not to squeeze the pimple on buttock with dirty hands as the situation gets worse and you could infect the pus with a large area of ​​skin. If necessary, you can use an abrasive glove to pass on the ass when you're taking a shower to cleanse the skin from dead skin and dirt. Of course, do not overdo it with the strength or you may hurt with scratches and abrasions.

For those who have a sensitive skin too, you can alternatively use a cleanser at least once a day, including all or only some of these active ingredients that counteract the appearance of pimples on buttocks, thanks to their purifying, disinfecting, moisturizing and soothing: lavender essential oil, Azadirachta Indica, Melaleuca oil.

If that's not enough then we can use other natural and home remedies to eliminate pimples on your ass. On this website are listed the main methods to fight pimples how to use the toothpaste, baking soda, white vinegar, lemon, ice, garlic, sulfur soap. For each product, please read the guide for the use and the procedure to follow for effective results.