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Toothpaste on pimples work?

Pimples and toothpasteApply toothpaste on pimple does it work? The toothpaste on pimples is a natural remedy for everyone. In most cases, it is effective in dehydrating and drying the pore and remove excess sebum and dirt. All this leads to drying out of the pimple which disappears in a few days. However, there is a procedure to follow step by step to avoid unpleasant surprises.
Firstly remember that whitening toothpastes or with alcohol and menthol are not suitable, since they are aggressive to the skin contact, irritating it. It is good to choose a toothpaste without many additives paste and not gel. After specifying the toothpaste we move to the dosage and give the information to the topical use.



Topical use of toothpaste on pimples

Wash thoroughly with warm water (to open pores) and with a good cleanser or face, or the part affected by pimple like back, chest, ears, arms, legs. With clean hands, and even better using a glove apply a small layer of toothpaste on the pimple in the newborn and its surroundings. It is better to do so before going to bed, so as to leave an entire night to toothpaste to act.
The next morning, the paste of toothpaste you will be annoyed. We will have to wipe with a damp cloth to gently remove the toothpaste and then we'll have to clean with warm water to clean the affected area. In the event that during the application of toothpaste you experience heartburn and pain is convenient to permanently discontinue the procedure. Obviously, the toothpaste is suitable for removing small pimples newborn.


Acne sufferers should use other systems such as pathology or better yet medicinal products prescribed by a dermatologist. Each person responds differently to this treatment, but the majority of cases found a marked improvement and the gradual disappearance of pimples.