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Laser acne and pimples treatments


laser acne pimples treatmentAcne is a skin disorder that usually occurs during puberty and in severe cases also involves adults. As we all know, acne is characterized by the appearance of pimples and blackheads in the long run disfigure your facial skin. Sufferers of this problem has spread to the face scars and dimples caused by the rupture of pimples. We can divide acne in various forms from the lightest to the most serious: comedonal and papular acne, acne papular and pustular and finally remember the most dangerous as nodular acne, nodular acne and cystic acne scar. The last three forms of acne can leave scars and blemishes caused by hyperpigmentation on the face areas, blemishes to eliminate.



How to remove scars of pimples?

laser treatment for acne and pimplesCurrently, there are three different techniques that we will know more in detail: 1) CO2 laser, 2) Radio frequency and 3) Fraxel Laser.
First, it is important to know that laser therapy and radiofrequency are not final, that is, they do not cure the disease acne, but only remove the effects of acne that is scarring, age spots and wrinkles. Such therapies, therefore, can not prevent it again to reform other pimples. False beliefs lead you to think that the treatment of the laser against pimples is final and this is nothing more wrong. It is necessary to remove the acne problem upstream with targeted drugs. Once blocked the appearance of pimples is advisable to wait at least one year before undergoing laser therapies.


Heal the scars of pimples with CO2 laser

The CO2 laser treatment against acne and pimples is an ablative therapy going to use a focused laser beam with which it seeks to achieve a temperature of 80 degrees that goes to flatten and shape the skin around the scar area. The effects of the laser are multiple: dramatically decreases the inflammatory process, stimulates a process of regeneration of the dermis, significantly reduces the bacterial population, inhibits the production of sebum by the sebaceous glands. We have a removal of the superficial tissues, therefore the anti-pimple therapy with the use of CO2 laser is a method quite invasive. If we analyze the pros and cons we can note a significant initial effectiveness, but long enough recovery time because there is the formation of scars that go away with time leaving the skin just below regenerated. And it is advisable to undergo at least to 3 or 5 sessions spaced about a half hour from 20-30 days.



Heal the scars of pimples with radio frequency

The treatment to fight pimples with radiofrequency is not a ablative therapy  because it is not going to burn the skin surface. It is required just a frequency of 1 MHz to achieve a temperature of 40-50 degrees that penetrates deep into the dermis to touch the muscles. This cozy warmth alters and stimulates collagen fibers. This leads to a stretching and contraction of the collagen fibers. The skin takes on a better elasticity and becomes firmer and more toned giving a second life to the dermis. Very often the therapy is used in synergy with radiofrequency pulsed light to increase the benefits to the skin. The radio has excellent results in removing wrinkles on the face and neck, scars left by pimples. It is also used to combat cellulite. The advantages of radiofrequency therapy are: few side effects, recovery time very short. The main disadvantage is that the effectiveness of the therapy is definitely less than the CO2 laser therapy. The protocol recommended by dermatologists specialists in radio frequency is: 5 or 6 sessions on a weekly basis, 3 o 4 sessions every 15 days, and possibly one session per month as maintenance.


Treating pimples scars with Fraxel Laser

fraxel laser before and after effective therapy acneTreatment with Fraxel laser combines the advantages of ablative and non-ablative therapies. With the Fraxel treatment, therefore, we have few side effects, recovery time very short and comparable efficacy to treatment with CO2 laser. The Fraxel technique uses waves at very high frequency ranging fractionated to act on microscopic pieces of dermis. These energy waves produce micro scars deep in the epidermal tissue of the skin not alive,  while the surrounding tissue remains immune from the inflammatory process. Side effects are few, at most a little swelling and some redness. Problems, however, that disappear within a few days. Medical specialists dermatologists recommend to perform at least 3 to 5 sessions from half an hour with a time interval of 20 days.


Pain is experienced in laser and radiofrequency treatments?

Most people do not test a real pain, but a feeling of warmth, almost like a slight pinch. Therapies are therefore almost painless.


Costs laser acne treatment

Unfortunately, the cost for the sessions of laser therapy for acne and pimples are not exactly cheap. Prices may vary from doctor to doctor, from the area to be treated, the depth of the scars, and of course on the type of laser therapy used: Fraxel CO2 or radio frequency.
The rates ranged from a low of roughly $200 to a maximum of $500 per session.